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Dear Carrie Ann’s Bridal Magazine Readers,

Thank you to all of our dedicated readers, we really appreciate your support. It has been a hectic time here at Carrie Ann’s Bridal Magazine recently and we have not been able to publish as much content as we were hoping to. Thank you for sticking with us!

If you are planning your big day and have ideas to share, we would love to have you contribute. Please contact me at carrieannseditor@gmail.com. We are always looking to get more insight from our brides.

Hope you’re all bundling up and staying warm as winter heads this way.


Christina Hedges

Editor-in-Chief of Carrie Ann’s Bridal Magazine

Being a “Plus One” at a Wedding

Attending as a Plus One, Christina Hedges, Editor in Chief, guest, wedding, advise

By Christina Hedges, Editor in Chief of Carrie Ann’s Bridal Magazine

So I’ve attended weddings of my cousins, my family friends, my friends but last weekend was the first time I had ever attended a wedding as a “plus one.” This experience was drastically different than the other wedding experiences I had. Last weekend I attended the wedding as my boyfriend’s plus one. One of college hockey friends was getting married and his whole hockey group was going. This group of guys and their girlfriends had hung out countless times before, and here I am, the newcomer! And to top it off, my first time meeting everyone was at the wedding! Here are some tips I learned to make the most of being a “plus one.”


Before the wedding, have your date fill you in on what you need to know. If you haven’t met the couple, try to have you date introduce you before the big day if possible. If not, have your date fill you in on their love story and a little background on each member of the couple. This way when you meet them you’ll know a little bit about them and it will be easier to start a conversation. Also, have him tell you who might be at the wedding that you’ll have to meet. If its a member of his family getting married, have him show you his family tree. If its friends, try to meet some of them before then so you’ll know some people as well.

Buy a Gift

While your date should be getting the couple a gift and might even sign it on your behalf, I suggest getting them your own gift. This shows the couple that you are thankful to be at their wedding and shows your congratulations. Also, the couple is paying for you to be able to be a guest and for your dinner. So think of it this way, your gift is paying for your dinner.

Don’t be Shy, Be Confident

While it can be very overwhelming to meet your date’s friends or family, try your best not to be shy. I know for some, this is easier said than done. I was definitely shy towards the beginning of the night but as the night went on I came out of my shell and I could tell his friends really appreciated getting to know the real me. Be confident and remember your date brought you there to show you off to his friends or family!

Have Fun

And most importantly remember to have fun! That’s what your date wants. That’s what the bride and groom want. So have fun and dance the night away!

With these tips in mind you’ll be much more prepared to be a “plus one” at a wedding.

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Honeymoon Packing

Must Haves; Packing for your Honeymoon, Lauren Pardee, Travel tips, honeymoon, packingBy Lauren Pardee, Writing Intern for Carrie Ann’s Bridal Magazine

Take one big deep breath… All the stress of your wedding is over and the night was one you will never be able to forget! You are officially the wife to your fabulous husband and life doesn’t seem like it can get more blissful than it is right now. Well just wait because your honeymoon is finally here! How exciting is it that you and your man get to run away together and bask in a beautiful adventure. You are going to want to make this trip the best days of your life, so in order to do that we want to remind you of a couple things that you do not want to forget to pack!


You may be thinking, ofcourse I am going to bring my camera! Well I do not mean the camera on your phone… Make sure to pack a real camera perfect for capturing all the photo worthy moments. This way you wont be tempted to use your phone. This is the time when you are supposed to put aside all communication to the real world and enjoy your new married life! Take advantage of that. Plus, with a real camera your pictures will come out at a much better quality.


This is common sense but a very important item to pack. You want to look your best and surprise you man with some sexy, new lingerie! Spice up your love life now that you are a married couple. Trust me he will not be complaining!


Keep a journal and jot down some of your experiences and memories through out the trip. This is the best way you will remember how much you enjoyed your first days as a married couple. Describe your emotions and the things you see, smell, hear and feel all along the way. The more details the better! This will be a treat to look back on years ahead, and to even share with your kids and grand kids one day!

Copy Everything

For those who are traveling out of the country, make sure you keep a copy of your identification and passports with you. You do not want to waste your days trying to get all of your stuff back if it is lost or stolen! By making copies of your important documents, you will be able to go through that processes faster and more successfully.

Extra Cash

A wedding is expensive… and a trip is as well, but this is not necessarily the time to be stingy. Do not try to stress about how much money you are spending. Be smart but not to uptight. Splurge on an amazing meal or a fun adventure that you may not get the chance to do again. Making memories and enjoying yourself is the most important part. When you get home you can worry about picking up extra shifts at work, for now every penny is worth it.

Keep those tips in the back of your mind. Maybe make a list to keep this hectic time a little more organized! Congrats on your new life and make sure to enjoy every second of this process because it is going to fly by. What amazing experiences you are about to embark on so soak it all up!

Where are you going on your Honeymoon? Share with us in the comments below!


Bridal Shower Attire

Bridal Shower Attire, Lauren Pardee, Bridal Shower, Fashion, Clothing

By Lauren Pardee, Writing Intern for Carrie Ann’s Bridal Magazine

Any excuse to dress up is good enough for me, but when you are invited to a bridal shower there are certain rules to abide by. This is no time to take sexy risks… Looking beautiful and appropriate is the way to go. Summertime makes that rule easy to follow with its many clothing options and color schemes!


All my Lilly and Vineyard Vine girls… bridal showers are your time to shine! Preppy is a yes, yes, yes. Keeping your attire appropriate and beautiful is key for events like these. Keep your dress length just above the knees or a floor length maxi (these hem lengths are very stylish and appropriate). Pretty pastels and patterns are a must especially during summer parties. Your bride will appreciate the effort you put into looking your best on her day.

Business Casual

The definition of summertime business causal is a pair of fitted khaki pants. Khakis are the perfect summer closet staple because they match with just about anything and still make you look like you dressed up a bit. Pair with a beautiful flowy top and a statement necklace for a more casual look. If you don’t want to be too casual throw a blazer on top of your shirt and necklace. Add some cute flats or wedges and you’re good to go.


For summertime, the perfect heel would be a wedge. The beautiful thing about wedges is that they come in every style, color, and height. They are always appropriate with a pretty summer dress, skirt or a nice pair of trousers. Another plus is that you do not have to worry about your heel sinking into the grass when celebrating outdoors.


A strappy sandal can add so much to any look. If you are a tall girl like me, flats always save the day on occasions you want to look cute but not to tall. From gladiators to a simple designed flat there is always a pair out there that will match your outfit.


Accessories are probably my favorite part about putting an outfit together. Nothing makes me happier then a great statement necklace. Taking risks and adding a bold necklace to an ensemble is sure to impress. Watches are a huge trend right now, and easily match anything. If you don’t have a watch try some bangles or Alex and Ani bracelets for a layered, stacked look! Lastly add a statement ring to finish off your polished look.

Having so many options should make attending a bridal shower a breeze! Sometimes it is good to remember that if you feel good about what you are wearing you will be an all around more confident person. Stick to your style within these guidelines! This way you are sure that you look appropriate for the occasion but are true to yourself!

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Ways to Build a Relationship with Your In-Laws


Ways to Build a Relationship with Your In-Laws, Lauren Pardee, In Laws, Marriage tips

By Lauren Pardee, Writing Intern for Carrie Ann’s Bridal Magazine

We all know that having in-laws can be an intimidating thing. Here is a whole new addition to your family, whom you are still getting to know! It’s a nerve-racking process trying to get them to like you. It is so important that you find common ground with your in-laws and show that you want to make an effort to have a good relationship. You want to prove that your love for their son extends onto them as well! If you are having trouble figuring out ways to connect with your new-found family, try some of these suggestions!

Cook Them Dinner

For those who know how to cook, the best way to impress the in-laws hearts is through their stomachs! Grab your favorite recipe and cook up a beautiful home cooked meal. Set up a beautiful table (add some fresh flowers for a cute centerpiece) and invite your man’s family over. For an extra touch make a desert they will not be able to resist!

Family Game Night

Family game night sounds a bit childish, but it is a tradition that many households hold dear to their hearts. Pick family-friendly, fun games such as Apples to Apples or Charades, and pour a few glasses of wine! This is such an easy way to break the ice and get to know your’ in laws a little better!

Walk Down Memory Lane

One night ask your in-laws if you can come over and watch home videos and look at scrapbooks from you boyfriend or husbands childhood. Any parent jumps at the chance to relive the days when their kid was still a kid. I’m sure the night will be full of laughter, embarrassing yet funny stories and pure love for the memories they cherish so much. Any parent would love the idea that you want to know more about their son’s life.

Go Out

Just because you’re younger then your in-laws doesn’t mean you cannot go out with them! I don’t necessarily mean hitting the club… there are so many other options. Sure you can go dancing, but you could see a show, go to a game, or maybe just a fancy dinner! The more you are involved with your in-laws and find common interest the more comfortable you will be around each other!

Keep Them in the Loop

Any parent appreciates getting updates about what is going on in their child’s life! Make your in-laws feel loved and important by sending them texts, emails or calls every once in a while. Updating them with photos of small trips you may be going on, or a postcard here and there can go a long way! They will love to hear what you are up to and much of a happy couple you are!

Keep up with these tips and your relationship will bloom and make the family dynamic amazing! What could be better then a happy partner and happy in-laws? Soon enough all of these tips will be natural to you, and you wont feel like you have to work towards a relationship!

Have more tips? Share them with us in the comments below.